Hug Me, I’m Fat.

Dear Stranger, I’m a very touchy person. I use to blame it on my Latin heritage, but I’m starting to accept that its just me. I like hugs and cuddles and often touch a persons shoulder during conversations to show them I’m listening. I like to hug people. I don’t let them hug me. I … More Hug Me, I’m Fat.

Coming Out

Hey Stranger, I will probably delete this at some point, not because I am embarrassed but for my safety. But hey, I, Skylar, a human being am gay. I connected to this buzzed video so intensely that I teared up in the Starbucks that I am currently sitting at. See it here! I see myself … More Coming Out

Vegetarian Meal Prep

I don’t normally post my weight loss journey videos on this channel since I’m planning on writing out a good portion of it. But I’m particularly proud of this one. SO if you are interested in Meal Prep, this one is for you!