91 days of Fitness: A Challenge

There are 365 days in a year…91 days is just 1/4 of it. If you can do something for a fourth of the year then no doubt you can do it for half of a year, even a whole year. In my mind success comes from breaking down your ultimate goal into smaller ones. Its kind of how you look at a clock in a boring class. There are 45 minutes in a class, if you get through 5 minute chunks 9 times then you’ll be done. Am I the only one who did this? If so, my convoluted way of thinking may make no sense to you.

Pick something you want to work on. Something that you know will be great for you to improve on. Something that you may have been too lazy to do right away or that you keep putting off until next Monday. Now sit down and think, what are the baby steps I can do today to make this task or goal more manageable. Maybe you don’t need 91 baby steps to complete it. Maybe you just need 7, but doesn’t that task seem easier now?

For me, my goal is weight loss. It has been for years. Every single time I think I know my body it throws me a curve ball, sometimes its mental and sometimes its physical. It takes me on a rollercoaster ride and I get discouraged. Eventually I begin to ignore the fact that I need to get healthier. I settle for the 5-10lbs I’ve lost and if I’m not careful I gain it back. I’m frustrated with settling. I’m frustrated with sabotaging myself. Every time I actively try to make progress I end it prematurely. Last time I tried I lost 35 lbs. More than I had before, and then I gained 10 lbs back. I refuse to gain any more weight back,

If you’re reading this then for the past 7 days I’ve had more good days than bad. Small successes that will hopefully add up to 100 lbs lost in the future. I’m committing myself to Β 91 days of genuinely trying. School will be out soon and I will be dedicating myself completely to this goal. It is 91 days. It is 13 weeks. Its one decision at a time that will led to finally having control of my body again. I want control of my body again.

I’ve come up with a list of prompts designed to help me reflect and express my experiences during this challenge. You can find the first 7 listed at the bottom of this post. Every Sunday I’ll add the next 7 prompts until 91 days are complete. In addition I’ll be uploading vlogs of my workouts, food preps and other experiences daily on my YouTube Channel (Building The Confidence).

Here are the rules for the #91DayOfFitness

  1. Set a reasonable goal.
  2. Find a way to express and reflect your thoughts ( a blog, journal, even instagram works!).
  3. If you are using a public way to document your journey…LINK ME! Comment your Instagram or blog. Sharing your story make it easy to create a supportive and encouraging community.
  4. Write down your stats, your food intake, your exercise, everything!!!!!
  5. Be kind to yourself. Progress takes time, but you can do it! Reflect everyday on your choices and see what you can do better. Don’t beat yourself up.


  1. Introduce yourself. Have you tried to get healthier in past? Why are you restarting? (Share a starting weight and pictures if comfortable).
  2. What is your ultimate fitness goal? What are the benefits to completing them.
  3. What do you currently love about your body?
  4. How can you hold yourself accountable to your goal?
  5. When do you feel most beautiful?
  6. Who can/do you draw inspiration from?
  7. INVENTORY!: What has worked this week and what changes do you need to make?

I hope you are able to complete your goals. Β I know that I will be trying my hardest!


One thought on “91 days of Fitness: A Challenge

  1. Hey!
    This is awesome to set up a challenge for others, I am sure people will be hopping on the bandwagon and love the positive vibes! I appreciate your comments on my blog and look forward to us sharing experiences!


    Liked by 1 person

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