Week 1/52: 3 AM Shouldn’t Be My Most Productive Time

And 2 pm shouldn’t be an “early” wake up time for me.

Dear Stranger,

yesterday I woke up at 4 pm, and I can’t remember when I fell asleep. If my mom hadn’t came into my room to check if I was actually alive, I probably would have slept until 6. While laziness was a huge factor I’ve been dealing with the most annoying dry cough and stomach virus on top of my period. I’m useless during my monthly cycle anyway, but catching a stomach virus from the boys I nanny just added to it. That being said I did not miss a day of work nor did any of my customers pick up on my internal misery so cheers all around!

Overall, this week was simple. I slowly became adjusted to working both of my jobs again. I set up my bullet/wellness journal again and logged in my food 6 out of the 7 days. I only worked out once, but I took 3 one hour walks in the cold.

This week I think my closet friend is mad at me. We haven’t fought exactly, but misunderstandings and bad first impressions have stressed our relationship. Apologies have been exchanged but I get the feeling that it wasn’t enough. We haven’t reached out to each other in 4 days which is an eternity for us since there is usually at least a snapchat by this point. In any other friendship I would have contacted them by now. This friendship is unique and the situation is sensitive since a significant other is involved. Its just weird, but she is introverted so I will give her time. But to be completely honest, it has felt weird for a while. I know she will be in my life for a very long time, I think we just have to deal with a change in dynamics. The older we get the more responsibilities we get and relationships change.

This week I found a dress that I feel pretty in. It’s the type of dress that I’ll put on as soon as my laundry is done. It’s grey and has long sleeves and it is loose fitting. I’m not usually one for dresses. I feel like they place an emphasis on parts of my body that I’m not completely confident in. I’ll post a picture of myself in the dress soon, it just needs to go through the wash. I got many compliments on it, even when I wasn’t wearing make up. I wore it on New Years and my dad said he could sense my confidence. Confidence is hard for me to muster on most days but this dress brought it up. I really like it and can’t wait to find more pieces that are similar as I continue to try and drop weight.

This week my wallet got stolen, I lost pretty much everything. The canceling of my cards was annoying but I will hopefully get the new ones this week. Thankfully, I always carry my cash and ID on me during work. So I wasn’t completely cashless. I’m bummed about losing some of my favorite polaroids of my friends. That person also took the book I was in the middle of readings (insert me screaming in annoyance), but I can pick up another copy soon.

This week my dad came up with my favorite hot drink ever! It is pretty simple. Just boil a cup of water with 4-5 thin slices of ginger. After it has cooled down, he adds a teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. It’s warm and goes down smoothly before the ginger reminds you of its existence in the back of your throat.It’s great and as long as I get it in between my bottles of water, it throws me off from wanting to drink pop.

This week I’m trying something new! I’ll be vlogging everything I eat during the week to remind me to make choices that will be kind to my body. Having ways to keep myself responsible and accountable are important to my success. January 16th is my next weigh in  day and I want to be 220lbs by then. My goal is to be under 200 lbs by the end of January and I do not want to disappoint myself.

My issue is I do not have patient  with myself. I set so many goals and am motivated 3/4ths of the time before getting frustrated that I’m not getting results as quickly as I want to. I always forget things take time. Especially weight-loss, even more so with PCOS. But just because it takes a long time doesn’t mean I should stop trying.

One of my best friends who lives far far away from me is thinking of starting a blog. I don’t have permission to rave about it yet, but I’m excited to see what she comes up with. She’s an amazing person and has a lot to say! Stranger, you should be very excited for this!

Finally, I watched the first season of 3% on Netflix, I loved it and watched it in a day with my dad. He even loved it and we don’t have much in common. It was awesome to bond with him and he was ecstatic that Netflix had the option of watching it in Spanish. I recommend it to anyone who liked the Hunger Games!

My favorite moment of the week was: My mom picking out the dress that I love. She generally does not pick clothing that I like, and I wasn’t sure about the dress until I tried it on. Thanks mom! Also, I got accepted to receive an ARC, and I can’t wait to read it!

What am I look forward to this week? The Series of Unfortunate Events being dropped on the 13th. I will somehow binge watch it the day of. I’ve been waiting for so long to see it.

General Goals for the upcoming week: Add more homemade green juices and smoothies during the week and especially in the morning. I may not like eating before 1pm but I need to get nutrients in and it does help me stay fuller in the afternoons and nights.

Gameplan for Monday is: See this all-nighter through. It is currently 4:13 AM and Stranger, I’ve beens staying up too late too often. It’s time to get this sleep schedule back on schedule. That being said… “start” my day at 7am with my ab workout. Make my juice for the morning and hit the gym by 9am. Come home and be productive until 1pm. Take a small nap and go to work with a smile on my face. Then go to bed before 2am. Rome wasn’t built in a day and my sleep schedule won’t change easily but I will eventually ease it in the right direction!

What were your weeks highlights? What are some of the goals you have for this week?

Positive Vibes,

-Cielo. Skylar. A friend.


One thought on “Week 1/52: 3 AM Shouldn’t Be My Most Productive Time

  1. 🙈 You’re the cutest! My highlight was you saying all those nice things 🙂

    My sleep schedule is messed up too, but we can do it, and get back on track! Hope you’ll feel better soon boo ❤


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