Nothing Says Run Like Zombies

A pretty view to look at while evading brain eating zombies!
A pretty view to look at while evading brain eating zombies!

Goal: Run three times this week. So far I’ve ran twice this week.

Since starting this Restoring Life Project I haven’t completed my goals to the fullest extent yet, but the week isn’t over. I actually started running! Or well in my case it was more of an awkward galop in the dead of night.

I used an app called zombie run which I was skeptical about before. I knew I had an overactive imagination but listening to the story was good motivation to add in some sprints to my regular attempt at jogging. Whenever I start to feel like I can’t even manage the slowest of jogs Zombie Run adds a little instant gratification by telling me I’ve picked up some supplies during my journey. It makes me want to keep jogging/walking. This app also helps make my jogs because it works with Spotify. I don’t think I will ever be comfortable hearing myself get out of breath so music and zombie noises help with distracting my mind.

But boy! Trying to run takes so much mental drive! I really feel like runners high is a myth meant to put people like me through torture. It also might just be the suspense that I feel from never knowing when Zombies will attack.

To be honest I did more walking than running and I’m trying not to be too harsh on myself. Everyone has to start somewhere right. The biggest complaint that I have are the side pains and leg cramps that sometimes show up. It makes me wanna just lay in fetal position in a corner.

How do you guys feel about running? Got any tips for me?

❤ Building The Confidence

P.S. This is what the zombie app looks like!


P.P.S. I would die during a zombie apocalypse 😦

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